Suggestion: Adding a Search Bar for ChatGPT's Chat History on the Index

Hey OpenAI community,

I wanted to share a suggestion regarding the ChatGPT interface and its usability. I believe that incorporating a search bar on the index page would greatly enhance the user experience, specifically when it comes to accessing and reviewing the chat history.

Currently, when engaging with ChatGPT, it can be challenging to find specific parts of the conversation or refer back to previous interactions. Having a search bar readily available on the index page would allow users to quickly search for specific keywords or phrases within the chat history, making it easier to locate relevant information or recall previous discussions.

The search bar could provide options such as filtering results by date, user prompts, or specific conversation segments. This feature would greatly improve the efficiency and convenience of using ChatGPT, especially for those who engage in lengthy or complex conversations.

I believe that adding a search bar to the index page would greatly enhance the usability of ChatGPT and provide users with a more comprehensive tool for managing and navigating the chat history. It would contribute to a more seamless and efficient user experience.

What do you all think about this suggestion? I’d love to hear your thoughts and any additional ideas you might have regarding this feature. Let’s discuss and see how we can further improve the ChatGPT interface together!

Looking forward to your feedback and insights.

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surprised this still isn’t available. Have you found a good chrome extension for this?

I thought I was losing my mind because it seemed like this should be an inherent/standard feature, but I don’t see a global search for chat history.

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I’m testing Filter & Search for ChatGPT chrome extension for this atm.
Not that great because only find matches if the query is in the title of the chat, but I understand that is a limitation of the workaround.

Have you tried Echoes - ChatGPT Conversation History Search (Chrome Extension)?
Has full text search, logical operators, fuzzy search, stemming, scoring, conversation summarization and management.