Suggestion: Adding a Phone Call Feature to ChatGPT for Enhanced Accessibility

Hello OpenAI Team and Community,

I have a suggestion for a new feature that could greatly enhance the accessibility and convenience of ChatGPT for many users, especially those who are vulnerable or face specific challenges.

Feature Suggestion

Adding the ability for ChatGPT to make phone calls on behalf of users.

How It Would Work:

1.	User Interface:
•	Users would type or voice their request to ChatGPT, detailing the nature of the call (e.g., calling a council, making an appointment, inquiring about services).
•	ChatGPT would confirm the details with the user before proceeding with the call to ensure accuracy.
2.	Real-Time Communication:
•	ChatGPT would use advanced voice synthesis technology to conduct the phone conversation, sounding natural and engaging.
•	It would listen to the other party and respond appropriately, following the user’s instructions and adapting as the conversation progresses.
3.	Feedback Loop:
•	During the call, ChatGPT could provide live text updates to the user, allowing them to intervene or provide additional instructions if necessary.
•	After the call, ChatGPT could summarize the conversation for the user and outline any next steps or important information received.


1.	Accessibility:
•	For users with disabilities such as dyslexia, ADHD, autism, or social anxiety, this feature could significantly reduce the stress and complexity of making phone calls.
•	It would enable users who struggle with social interactions or verbal communication to handle important tasks more easily.
2.	Efficiency:
•	Users could handle multiple tasks simultaneously, as ChatGPT would manage the phone call independently.
•	It could save time by managing routine or administrative calls, allowing users to focus on more critical activities.
3.	Consistency:
•	ChatGPT would ensure that the information conveyed is accurate and consistent, reducing the chances of miscommunication.
•	It could record and log conversations (with consent), providing a reliable reference for future use.


1.	Privacy and Security:
•	Ensuring the privacy and security of phone conversations is paramount. Conversations would need to be encrypted, and proper consent would be required for recording.
•	Clear guidelines would be needed for handling sensitive information.
2.	Legal and Ethical Implications:
•	The feature would need to comply with telecommunication regulations and laws regarding automated calls.
•	Ethical considerations regarding impersonation and transparency would need to be addressed. For instance, informing the other party that they are speaking with an AI.
3.	Technical Challenges:
•	Developing robust voice recognition and synthesis technology that can handle a wide range of accents, dialects, and conversational nuances.
•	Integrating the system with various phone networks and ensuring reliable connectivity and performance.


This feature could revolutionize accessibility and convenience, particularly for individuals who face challenges with traditional phone communication. By addressing the technical, legal, and ethical considerations, this feature could provide a valuable tool for many users, enhancing their autonomy and efficiency in managing daily tasks.

I believe OpenAI has the potential to help so many people with innovative solutions like this. I would love to work with a company like OpenAI, whose mission aligns so closely with my own values and needs. Thank you for considering this suggestion!

Best regards,