Suggesting a correction for the web interface (

Hello, everyone.
In the blue zone, it’s impossible to use the scroll to view the answer.

My cursor always stays there after I’ve asked a question. The scroll isn’t working, and this is quite frustrating.
Since the website is built with Tailwind, I’d like to suggest adding just two classes that will fix everything.
To avoid making changes to the DOM tree of the page, I suggest adding the “pointer-events-none” class to the entire lower area. The next step is to add “pointer-events-auto” to all control elements within this area.

This container is where “stop generating” “continue” and the “regenerate” buttons are rendered. It is also full-width because of the suggestions first appearing there.

The whole plan needs to be rethought. Suggestions completely gone after first submission. Buttons that are just positioned and float.

I perfectly understand the purpose of these buttons. My suggestion does not imply any changes to the page structure. It only involves adding a few classes (pointer-events-none & pointer-events-auto) so that this empty and lengthy div does not obstruct the ability to scroll the page.