Suggested Improvement: Collaborative Chat Feature for ChatGPT

Dear OpenAI Developers,

I am a regular user of ChatGPT and I’d like to start by commending you on the outstanding work you’ve done with this platform. It has become an invaluable tool for me, serving both my professional and personal needs.

Recently, while using ChatGPT for a collaborative project, I felt the need for a feature that allows multiple people to interact with the model in real-time within the same chat. This would be immensely beneficial for brainstorming sessions, group discussions, or any other collaborative endeavors.

I understand that the current platform is designed for individual sessions, but I strongly believe that such a feature could unlock new use cases and enhance the user experience. It could also position ChatGPT as a go-to collaborative tool for teams and working groups.

I urge you to consider incorporating this feature in future updates of ChatGPT. I am confident that it would be warmly welcomed by the user community.

Thank you in advance for considering this suggestion. I am available for any further information or discussion on this matter.

Best regards,


Do you know about Team-GPT: Collaborate in ChatGPT?

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Thank you a lot @crigarca

team-gpt is perfect for us :smiley:

+1 for this feature too! Not interested in going with another third party since with are already in bed with ChatGPT Enterprise!