Sugestions about chatgpt and open ai

Hello everyone! I’m not sure if there are any developers or anyone from the OpenAI team seeing what’s being discussed in the forum, but I hope so because I would like to bring up two suggestions for ChatGPT.

First, GPTs could have the option for INDIVIDUAL purchase. I really don’t have an interest in all the GPTs, just one or two. For me, a one-time purchase of a specific GPT seems much more beneficial, and I think that, commercially/financially for OpenAI, it MIGHT also be. They need to look at various markets, different types of consumers, and understand that there are many places where purchasing power is low, so subscriptions are not viable or the subscription cost might be quite high.

The second point I would like to suggest is:
Currently, when receiving a response from the assistant, the typing animation that gradually displays the text can be somewhat uncomfortable for some users, especially when the response is lengthy. The animation can be tiring for the eyes due to its rapid pace, and even if it were slowed down, it might still not resolve the issue, as it would take longer for the user to view the entire response.

Would it be possible to add an option in the app settings that allows responses to be displayed instantly, without the typing animation?

This would provide a smoother experience for users who prefer to see complete responses all at once, without the need to wait for the typing animation.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any user feedback channels to reach OpenAI. So, it seems we don’t have a way to send this type of feedback to them, which is disappointing given the size of the company.

I hope they see these suggestions and those from other users and start to take them into consideration.