Subject: User Experience and Suggestions for Improving the Inclusiveness of ChatGPT-4

Dear OpenAI Team,

I am honored to provide you with my feedback on the user experience of ChatGPT-4 and offer suggestions on how to improve its inclusiveness. As a user, I am very interested in your technology and deeply aware of the demand and attention it receives from various sectors of society. Here are my thoughts and suggestions on ChatGPT-4:

  1. Background: Most users have not received a liberal arts or general education, which may make it difficult for them to interact with ChatGPT-4.
  2. Problem: The majority of people lack the ability to ask effective questions to ChatGPT, which may lead to an imbalance in information acquisition.
  3. Impact: Those who master the skill of asking questions to ChatGPT-4 may accelerate inequality, causing the relations of production to be influenced by the forces of production.
  4. Urgency: Educating the majority of people on how to use ChatGPT-4 becomes an unavoidable issue.
  5. Solution: The interaction mode of ChatGPT-4 is the main way to educate users. Improving this interaction can enhance the user experience and effectiveness.
  6. Scope of impact: Changing the GPT-4 chat interface will have a significant impact on most people and improve the inclusiveness of ChatGPT-4.
  7. Specific suggestion: I recommend that OpenAI change the interaction mode of ChatGPT-4 from the current tree-structured directory to a weaving shuttle structure. Such a change will provide users with more choices and directions, help them better understand and use ChatGPT-4, and have immeasurable impacts on user education.

I greatly appreciate your attention to my suggestions. I believe that through continuous improvement and optimization of ChatGPT-4, we can provide more inclusive and convenient AI services to a wide range of users. I look forward to your response.




  1. 背景:大多数用户没有接受过通识教育和博雅教育,这使得他们在与ChatGPT-4互动时可能遇到困难。
  2. 问题:大多数人不具备有效向ChatGPT提问的能力,这可能会导致信息获取的不平衡。
  3. 影响:掌握向ChatGPT-4提问能力的人可能会加速不平等现象,使生产关系受到生产力的影响。
  4. 紧迫性:教育大多数人如何使用ChatGPT-4成为一个不可避免的议题。
  5. 解决途径:ChatGPT-4的交互方式是教育用户的主要途径,通过改进交互方式可以提高用户的使用体验和效果。
  6. 影响范围:更改GPT-4聊天页面将对大多数人产生重大影响,提高ChatGPT-4的普惠性。
  7. 具体建议:我建议OpenAI将ChatGPT-4的交互方式从现有的目录树状结构改为织布的梭织结构。这样的改变将为用户提供更多的选择和方向,帮助他们更好地理解和使用ChatGPT-4,从而对用户教育产生不可估量的影响。