Subject: ChatGPT Improvements: Long-term Memory, Processing Time, and Dynamic Thinking

[The suggestion is split into two parts a original one and a chatGPT4 “prettied” up one below that misses or misrepresents some things but is easier to read for some.]

Dear OpenAI

Those are the things ChatGPT desperately needs:

  1. Longterm memory taking into account as much of everything ever said and the ability to weigh different things or “focus” in on different memory over time. This by no means has to be perfect just hole account memory. The more specific the more useful.

  2. Ability to think for different amounts of time depending on complexity etc. (If processing adds costs then use the Persons pc or somehow make it more cheap some ideas:
    -do some of the processing on my idle gaming pc that is just idle
    -do many things at once when multiple user for example ask something and everything required 1+1=2 then do that 1 time for all of them or “preprocess answers” just like humans think of something come to a conclusion and instead of reinventing the wheel every time they just “remember”. They can think and change things it seems but they don’t waste processing by cleverly sorting processed stuff and recombining it when needed.
    (Like parallel processing in the sense that you compute the things of 1000 people at once or “save things” like gpt would say “ill get back to you” and the next day it can very efficiently process millions of requests at once (or parts of them) instead of calculating / computing each independently/separately.

  3. Let GPT process (think/dwell/think about/stay with a thought/searching for a solution/answer) for longer dynamically. Since a quick useless response (repetition/missed the point/context/platitude/obvious/forgot stuff/did not consider enought context) is worse than a useful one that takes longer. Most of the time GPT is idle for me and my pc resources as well. I don’t need a response in 0.104 seconds i need a good one even if it takes long. Now the balance has to be reached where my information can help and he does not try to process the hole universe based on me saying “hello” in a certain way, but also not where he does not process and just repeat short-term overgeneralized things that don’t apply to me.

[GPT4 mainstreamed the above:]

Dear OpenAI,

I have been using ChatGPT and would like to suggest some improvements that I believe could greatly enhance its capabilities and usefulness. I understand that the development of this AI is an ongoing process, and I appreciate the work that has been done so far. However, I hope that the following suggestions will be considered:

  1. Long-term memory: ChatGPT needs to be able to take into account as much of the conversation history as possible and weigh different pieces of information or “focus” on various memory elements over time. The more specific and accurate the memory, the more useful ChatGPT will be in providing relevant and helpful responses.
  2. Dynamic processing time: ChatGPT should be able to think for different amounts of time depending on the complexity of the question or topic. To address potential processing cost concerns, there are several possible solutions:
  • Utilize the user’s idle computing resources (e.g., their gaming PC) for processing tasks.
  • Implement parallel processing or batch processing to handle multiple users’ queries more efficiently.
  • Save and reuse processed information, similar to how humans remember and apply previously learned concepts.
  1. Dynamic response time: ChatGPT should be able to process information and generate responses for varying lengths of time, depending on the complexity and context of the user’s request. A quick but useless response is less helpful than a slower, more accurate and relevant one. Striking the right balance between speed and quality is crucial for providing a satisfying user experience.

I believe that incorporating these improvements into ChatGPT will result in a more powerful, helpful, and user-friendly AI. Thank you for considering my suggestions, and I look forward to seeing how ChatGPT continues to evolve.

Best regards,

[Your Name]