Streaming is now available in the Assistants API!

Hi hq1 - take a look at the OpenAI Assistant Starter Kit which illustrates how to use Assistant streaming with a NextJS app.

Live App Here:
Blog Walkthrough Here: Use the OpenAI Assistant Starter Kit to Quickly Build New OpenAI Apps - OpenAI Blog - Stephen Walther on OpenAI
Full Source Code Here: GitHub - Superexpert/openai-assistant-starter-kit: Starter Kit for creating an OpenAI Assistant web application using NextJS + ReactJS + TypeScript

The app streams from the server and then parses out the Server Side Events in a ReactJS component. I’m not using any special libraries. Feedback welcomed and appreciated!


Take a look to this:

to update - i pivoted to using the vercel ai sdk and could get the streaming working brilliantly. I am still curious why I could not get the websocket to return the stream, but have moved to the vercel way of doing it (for now).

I would love to hear an update, if the websocket streaming is working with a frontned… thx

Hi - I will go and check my python code again, as would really like to get this working, and really appreciate the pointers. I did pivot to using the vercel ai sdk and got a working streaming in < 10 minutes.

I will give your suggestions a try and come back with an update.

thanks again!

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Hi everyone, does anyone have an idea if streaming the message object during an assistant call consumes the RPM limit?

  • 60 req/min limit at the user account level.

i’m also struggling with submit_tools_output_stream.

How to save this messages history. I was using to retrieve, but now I can’t find out id for each run.

if prompt := st.chat_input("How can I help you?"):
    # Add user message to the state and display on the screen
    st.session_state.messages.append({"role": "user", "content": prompt})
    if prompt:
        with run as stream:
                with st.chat_message("assistant"):
                    response = st.write_stream(stream.text_deltas)
    with st.chat_message("user"):

You have to uninstall and reinstall the latest version of openai SDK

@shahir1 I updated my library to 1.27.0 and it still has this import issue

I’m trying to build a streaming app with openAI assistants where there are two assistants that communicate with each other. I want to stream the interaction between the two back to the frontend, without the end user having to do anything. Do you have any examples of that?


Hi smiith – you should be able to adapt the OpenAI Assistant Starter Kit code to run threads associated with two different assistants by modifying the server-side code in the route.ts file.

  1. You’ll need to setup two assistants at the OpenAI playground:

  2. Next, you can build two different threads:

   // add new message to thread
    await openai.beta.threads.messages.create(
            role: "user",
            content: newMessage.content
  1. Next, run both of the threads using a particular assistant by using the Assistant Id (you can get the Assistant Ids from the OpenAI playground).
    // create a run
    const stream = await openai.beta.threads.runs.create(
        {assistant_id: newMessage.assistantId, stream:true}

You can pass the responses from the two different assistants back and forth by adding the response messages to each thread.

Hope this helps! And sounds like an intriguing project!