Streaming in a bubble, I can't get it to work?

I hope my question is OK, I don’t mean it to promote anyone or company.

Has anyone in this community followed the instructions on adding CHATGPT to your website? Videos on how to do it were done by Jaclyn Biggins for Autocode, when she was with them there. She did several other very good instructional videos for Autocode too. The videos on ChatGPT are in two parts, both require Autocode membership and its hosting platform. All the links to the starter code for the videos can still be found on the Autocode site.

The first video is for adding Chat GPT and shows how to use the starter code with OpenAI to “Chat”; ask questions and generate an answer that is returned in a text box. It works well and looks clean.

The second video explains how to alter the .js code so the answer is streamed live in a bubble rather than waiting for an all at once answer to appear in the text box…pretty cool! All work in her videos.

I followed the instructions and have successfully accomplished the basic lesson #1

But lesson #2, It doesn’t work as demonstrated in her video, when I run it on my end. I believe my code is correct (I checked 20 times against her demo), as she instructed in the video. In my case, when asking a question and selecting submit, nothing happens…no bubble or answer appears, after 10-15 seconds the submit button reappears as it times out. Jacklyn doesn’t work for auto code anymore so I’m not able to get support on what and or why I can’t get it to run correctly.

I ask anyone one here who might have an inkling as to what I’ve done wrong to please advise me on what might solve this problem.

Chef John V.