Strange disappearance of replies bug

Hello! I have a problem. Strangely, some messages in dialogues disappear. GPT says: “An error has occurred during reply generation”. Plus, the dialog names are generated somehow strangely (there is a bug). Moreover, when I reboot, I see the error and button to try a reply again. Moreover, some replies in dialogues disappear

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I’ve been having a similar issue like folks in this thread with replies disappearing after a chat is reloaded on a different day. It’s never day-of chat, it’s always 1+ days later.

On my end, there’s never any discernable error with the messages when they are initially generated or when the chats are reviewed/reloaded on the same day (in same session?). Usually, the entire chat thread went off without a hitch! It’s not until the next day or week that I discover half the convo is missing — and always the most vital stuff! :open_mouth: Never my part of the convo, only the useful ChatGPT-4 replies… Lol. Like instructs on how to bugfix my broken code.