"Stop Generating" Button doesn't work

Hello everyone, I have a problem. “Stop Generating” Button doesn’t work. Like, ok, it looks like ChatGPT stops generating, but when I reload the page, it turns out it didn’t actually stopped generating. This is a big problem to me for numerous reasons. Like, sure, ChatGPT gets dumber and worse all the time, but this particular feature is what I miss the most, because it kinda balanced ChatGPT’s stupidity. Is it just my issue or is “Stop Generating” Button just visual effect for everyone? Edit: Guys, I just checked, and I believe they fixed the issue.


Plus 1 to this. I would like to be able to “Stop generating” and then ask a different question - aking to interrupting. If I try and do this, what I see is “Only one message at a time. Please allow any other responses to complete before sending another message, or wait one minute.”


Indeed, I often realize I clicked on “send message” too early or that I forgot to add some details or just want to ask the question differently. For this I need “Stop generating” to do what it says and not keep generating in the background. Because it doesn’t let me submit a new question as long as the previous answer is not finished generating. By the way, the engine should also take into account that I stopped the generation, as in: this is not the direction I wanted you to go…

up. I have the same problem. I see the beginning of its messaage I decide to add more details. hit stop but API actually keeps generating even if it didn’t show in front. I infere this from that when I hit “stop generating” and tried to promt a new statement, it says “only one message at a time” and when I refresh the page, I see the completed version of its last response.

Yeah, same issue. Used this feature all the time, now it’s useless.

HUGE +1 on this. Renders the feature pointless as it doesn’t actually stop, other than appearing to do so on the GUI


Kinda unbelievable that in a service with 100 million users, developed by a team with full access to the world’s most powerful programming AI, this critical bug has been affecting (paying) users for this long.

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+1 for this: it is a bug that I run into multiple times a day. The stop generation button makes rapid iteration much more feasible, especially with GPT-4.

The problem is that if 1+ million people are all hitting “stop generating” and that query is still running in the background and they start another… well, it could put even more strain on the server.

I wonder if the new ChatGPT Enterprise will take care of it…

… in the meantime, there’s always the Playground…

Edit the button text to “Stop Receiving”, and then it works fine…

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Seems the button works. I had prematurely pressed enter, and then “stop generating”.

The conversation database shows the cut-off language generation:

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To access an element by its index, you can use square brackets. For example, my_list[0] would return ‘icked’.

Iterating through the list:
    You can use a for loop to iterate through the list and process each element.

Checking the type of each element:
    You can use the type() function to check whether each

(The title-writing AI instead barfed on this or the input data, giving “Crear tabla Markdown python”)