Still no ChatGPT Plus history, am I the only one?

I still have still no ChatGPT Plus history, am I the only one? I have been paying for ChatGPT Plus since it was available.

I have no history at all since the big bug earlier this week. I cannot believe that NO ONE has history or else when I googled it, it would be all over the place.

I have erased history, deactivated all extensions, erased all the history again, restarted the computer…every day. I need this for work you guys. Any update will be greatly appreciated.


I have the same problem, gone since the major crash.

my history is back but performance is just awful.

Same, no history. Its really stressful. Is there really no customer service available? Not even ChatGPT powered? :thinking:

5 people for thousands of users? doubtful.

I know. Thank you. This is crazy. I have taken every single one of the GPT extensions off my browser. No customer service at all when you are paying $20 a month is ridiculous. Not even an AI customer service and their people ARE ONLINE. It shows them online but you cannot chat with them because they are behind some sort of wall. Their FAQ’s are like 8 questions or something ridiculous like that. At least we are not alone. I was thinking I have to be the unluckiest person on the planet. Smh. There are no threads about this BS.


Open ai is quite communicative on Twitter

I see a way to email them as well. Maybe this is the new normal :joy:

You are not the only one, my history has been unavailable for days, and I am also a Plus subscriber. Really feel upset.

LOL I’m still waiting for an email I sent in february

Same here I did the same, I try to reach them but there’s no way. If you try a regular account you’re able to see chat history, create new chats but the one who pay them $$$$ nooope :rage::rage::rage::rage:

Same. Anyone knows how do I contact them? What is their support email or discord?

I just flagged to the team, please stay tuned.

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Thank you, as it’s been a week now with no chat history on ChatGPT Plus.

There’s plenty of other issues around sadly, and support is non-existent.

My chat shows up as of today. When I log out and log in, it’s still there. When I use another browser and log in it’s also there. I can also save new chats. This is welcome news. Thank you, if you had a hand in prompting this fix.

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Can you flag my issue to the team? More than a week without an old history, it is really annoying