Start Up and Invest

Hello, I will establish a venture in the field of AI and Art. For this purpose, I have 2 questions. 1. If you don’t mind, can I find those who want to get information or invest here? (If you mind, I remove this message) 2. How can I use the OpenAI API in the field of art and AI? Can you give an idea?

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This immersive Van Gogh installation is sold out through the summer. Immersive or interactive art seems to attract big audiences; this could potentially interest partners for an art venture. This artist used computer vision (Max MSP) and language to create an interactive installation with words.

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Thx your response <3!

Thanks for sharing! To answer your questions:

  1. If you’re looking for investors, I might try a site like LinkedIn, or online groups like YCombinator Startup School.
  2. I’ve seen the API used for things like lyric-writing, poetry, and creating titles for paintings.

Hey Joey, I’ve been looking for examples of GPT3 being used for lyrics and poetry but I haven’t been able to find myself. Any chance you remember where you saw it?

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