Speech is now on chat.openai.com

Speech is now available at chat.openai.com.

There is a new section in the settings menu for Speece, which currently has one option that allows you to change what voice it uses.

When you ask a question, you can now press the speech button at the bottom of the text for it to be read out to you using one its text-to-speech model:
The image displays a voice button.

Image captioned using GPT-4-Vision


…which is still-non functional in Firefox.

Which isn’t as bad as the App: new versions completely borked and not even loading past a “loading” circle on older Android.


It’s also not working for me in the free version on Chrome. There’s no speech setting or sound button at all: see forum posts under “Read aloud feature not working on Web APP”

And how am i supposed to fix the read aloud?

There’s no apparent fix to ChatGPT’s “read aloud” with the new web layout. It is broken in Chrome, Chromium, Firefox, Edge…

You’ll have to wait for OpenAI to consider it more important to fix than this version with code that can give gpt-4o chat demos when embedded in an app (an app that only works on Android when mobile Chrome is not disabled, btw).