Specify minimum response length

Can I specify a minimum response length?
Is there a maximum the system can create?

There is no minimum setting

A few people have asked for it but I guess it would be hard to implement if you try get a simple yes or no question expanded into several sentences

The only real option at the moment is to tell you prompt to be verbose and explain on detail

I asked for an essay of a minimum 1000 words. ChatGPT gave a response that was around 650 words, and stop typing in the middle of a sentence. Is that an error on ChatGPT or a system specification limit?

If it stopped mid sentence it sounds like you hit your max tokens setting for the prompt and completion

Check the finish reason value returned by the API to see

just type continue
it will carry on - it happens often. Please note that on the whole in my experience it is pretty good with word counts - keep pushing and don’t forget to add new conversations for new subjects (start new chat) or it can get confusing.

I will add that it’s capability at counting words in an “essay” is hit and miss (to be polite). I asked for a 164 word account of something and a few others and it nailed it. I got complacent, but check things so asked for an exact count on something else (312 words as copied and pasted into word) - it was miles off! I told it and it had four more goes. It was apologetic and explained it copied and pasted into a word processor - i explained so did I! on each occasion it said sorry for its error - so what stops it sometimes nailing an essay or report in a specific amount of words, and instead comes up with wildly inaccurate guesses? It also seems bad at abstract maths ideas ( i am not an a math head) - I asked the stars / sand question and it got in a real mess stating contradictory statements and failed to understand that 10>22 was bigger than 10>18. But remember everyone - we are helping - do not rely on it unless you have or can get a reasonably efficient way to check what it produces.