Sorting Chats/Making collections/Optional: Parallel Chats

i am an artist using it to write short scripts to perform some specific tasks, the current limitation on organization of chats makes it really difficult to work with GPTs

usually for prompting it takes multiple chats with different Gpts to write a proper working script as once GPT start giving wrong results it’s really hard to get out of that in the current chat and starting in new chat with working part of the code.
Also, simple sorting operations list sort by name, sort by date started, should also be present in collections as well as for sorting collections.

This will be very help full to store multiple chats and work with different custom Gpts independently and keep all our chats organized.

Optional. It would be really useful i can talk to two bots at once, one to conduct research and one to script. It will make it much easier for entire community that use it for scripting