"Sorry, you have been blocked" with VPN

I can not access the chatgp when used VPN

Sorry, you have been blocked

If you believe this was a mistake, please contact us through ourhelp center [Ray ID:7c53fbae1e324388]

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I also encountered this problem, just try a few more times

I am seeing this message as well and I haven’t even been using VPN, does anyone know how to actually contact the help center as all I saw are unrelated FAQs that is not the solution to the problem.
[Ray ID:7d40a11d0ad72521]

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Ray ID:7e13fcd63ec20ec8] help me

I also just received the “Sorry you have been blocked” message. I have submitted my enquiry to the help “center” - but it would take about a week to respond :frowning:

Can someone advise on this?