Something went wrong

I’m frustrated.

Almost every interaction with chat GPT is interrupted with “something went wrong please try again” and then errors “you are sending too many messages”

I’m not being rapid or topic hopping. I’m being conversational and inquisitive and wanting to learn on the given subject. I was hoping to have informative back and forth conversation… Or have some assistance with article creation.

I thought I could circumvent the interruptions by subscribing, however, still experiencing the same issue.

How is it possible that I am too chatty for chat GPT? Any ideas or input would be appreciated.

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Super sad. Me too Conversations get “something went wrong” and then you lose all your context. At least let me “delete the last 3 messages” or “export context to new chat and restart” even if it is not perfect then you could choose between “very detailed” moderate and “just a rought short summary” or somethign. A slider… idk