Some Suggested Features for ChatGPT

  • Ability to add personal notes to individual responses and perhaps the ability to highlight individual responses

  • Ability to search queries/responses within conversation, or across all conversations

  • “Folders” to organize conversations by type/category/whatnot

  • Sort functionality for folders / conversations (by name, date, length, custom, etc.)

  • If adding a custom sort, ability to move conversations around in a different order

  • Perhaps a screenshot button that will that a screenshot of the response (up to a reasonable height) and include the user’s query above it

  • Export conversation to TXT or PDF

  • For PowerShell code, maybe an export to PS1 button next to the copy code button


This will be super important as it’s easy to fill up with different experiments!

Thanks for sharing your list!

Hope you stick around.


These all sound like future ChatGPT Plus features.

  • Also reply button on each response so you can reply to a specific response without having to provide the extra context (say for example the response you wanted to reply to was a while ago and you changed the subject somewhat a few different times).

Folders please! Perhaps even with automated clustering of similar discussion, come on you are openai!

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