Some problems in the alpha version

Just now, Chatgpt was updated and prompted me to join the alpha version for testing, which is able to support more languages. I’m using Chinese, and the interface does automatically translate to Chinese, but I’ve found the following bugs so far: 1. I clicked on My Plans, and Add Team workspace (the button on top of the settings for upgrading to the teams version), but it doesn’t respond. 2. When I open a conversation, I close the page, and then reopen it, it says that I can’t load the conversation (a line of text on a red background). Although the dialog still exists, I need to open it manually, while this problem doesn’t exist in English interface. I hope these bugs will be fixed soon.

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I understand that there are mistranslations in ChatGPT’s multilingual support.

For example, the section on the team plan’s renews date appears like this in languages other than English.


The meaning becomes completely opposite.


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Not only are there translation issues (they seem to be using relatively low-level machine translation), but there are some interaction issues, as I mentioned. Since these problems are minor, I think they should be easier to solve.