Some GPTs for your feedback

Hi All,

A few GPTs for your feedback please…


Backlog Maestro
I take business requirements in plain-text or monologues and convert them into organized, manageable backlog

BizFlow Architect
A Business Process Flow Architect in your pocket! Convert process requirements into design and create an editable visualization using MS Visio & Excel.

Research Assistant
I research and list references in the format of your choice, for academic and professional purposes


Evermorph: Infinite Realms
Embark on an ever-changing RPG adventure, defying conventions with fresh genres, challenges, characters, and storylines with each playthrough, from mystical lands to interstellar thrills, where no two experiences are alike.

Storybook Sage
A wizard who crafts stories for young children based on requested lessons.

Cosmic Compass
Dive into your birthdate’s magic—astrology, numerology, and history in one enchanting revelation!

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Tried BizFlow Architect todayand absolutely love it. Accurate and saved me hours ! Thanks Amir!

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My absolute pleasure. Thank you for the kind feedback.