Solving Payment and API Access Issues with OpenAI Membership on Mobile Devices

Hello everyone, I’ve had some issues with the payments of my tokens despite having paid for the monthly OpenAI membership. It appears that the quota is insufficient on the API. I’m still checking, but it seems that when payments are made from the ChatGPT Android app, at least with the Google Play card as a renewing membership, the options for the API are not enabled. I’m still verifying, but I made a new recharge from the OpenAI web page. I will update you if it now works correctly, and if so, this, in my opinion, is a flaw or something that should be addressed or notified when making the payment from the phone. Or if someone from OpenAI sees my case, I would greatly appreciate it if they could validate those dollars paid from the phone for the API use. Greetings to everyone, and I’ll keep you updated. :muscle:

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ChatGPT and the API are two separate products with separate billing.

Indeed, it seems that now it does let me use the API after paying through the website, although it is still sending a 500 error, it is no longer due to the quota limit, maybe I should wait a bit, thank you very much for the response, I will be more careful, I hope it does not happen to more people.

Not a problem. Glad you got it sorted.

If you stick around, we’ve got a wealth of information on this forum.

The 500 is likely due to the ongoing outage. You can keep up at

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