"SOLVE IMPOSSIBLE PROBLEMS" OpenAI trademark application. What is it?

I was analyzing OpenAI’s trademarks and came across this:

Reference: https://uspto.report/TM/88754480

Does anyone have any clue what this is about? :eyes:

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From the primary US classes, you would think they are building a robot. Like feather.openai.com lots of things can be uncovered if you look at the trademark.

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If it is connected to the robot company they recently invested in, Nvidia and Bezos recently joined the enterprise. Seems like they have the resources to move fast on the legal side of things.



The bottom part with the Type Code GS0091 sounds like they’re trademarking the “firmware” or whatever you’d call the model(possibly a package of models) that will direct the robots. The way I understand the simulated learning platforms, the code itself should be plug and play. They just need something like a .cad file to insert into the simulation with the code so it can learn to operate with the code utilizing it’s specific physical parameters within the simulation. The wide range of uses in the preceding section Primary International Class supports this hypothesis.

Filed four years ago. “This trademark application was refused, dismissed, or invalidated by the Office and this application is no longer active.”

Yup. That’s correct.

@natanael.wf you should mark the comment as solution. :sweat_smile:

Status: Abandoned because no Statement of Use or Extension Request timely filed after Notice of Allowance was issued.

My point is not necessarily to know whether the trademark application is active, but to understand the motivation or project that prompted this registration.

Well apparently the people who filed the application did not care enough to follow-up several years ago, so …

And it is CEO marketing talk that doesn’t work on smart people they might have wanted to attract and continue to evangelize. “We’re going to solve that speed-of-light problem!”