So how do we actually report Malicious APIs if we are not developers?

I have installed this API, called AVIAN, and realized that it has no “delete your subscription” button in its interface. Of course OpenAI will say the API is external, but I think it is still a breach of both commercial and ethical practice to allow developers to do things that are not allowed in most of the countries we live in.

So, I set myself to reporting AVIAN, but this is the wall I encountered:
[1] I searched the FAQs, which told me that since I am a paying subscriber, I should be able to entertain a live chat with GPT customer support by just clicking on the “help” button at the beginning of a chat.
[2] I obliged, but the help button redirected me to the FAQs.
Eternal loop detected. Generated by GPT 3.0 of course.

Hence, now we have not just some plugin producers but also OpenAI itself that refuses contacts from paying customers? How is this actually possible?

Alternatively, maybe the “question mark” button is not the help button at all? Maybe there is another help button that gets hidden by default? Or is the “help button” only available in the Android app?

Serious question here.