Sneak Peak: ChatGPT Plug-in that automatically creates other ChatGPT Plug-ins. (I just submitted this to OpenAi for review) comment if you’d like to beta test it

i am extremely interested in exploring your work.

Hey I am eager at giving a shot at building some plugins, I have some great ideas. Can I get to try your masterpiece? :slight_smile:

I’m going open source it soon, I would like to speak with the OpenAi team before I do since it could make some waves if used for the wrong purposes.

With great power comes great responsibility.

I‘d love to beta test your plugin :slight_smile:

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Send me a DM and I will add a few more people. My latest plugin also includes similarly functionality, I’ll likely open source this too.

A few more characters.

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Hey there, Love what you have done. This is truly incredible. I have developer access as well. I am also not on Reddit as often, though I can absolute join your sub, and will be adding you here shortly on DC and send a DM.

:exploding_head: :star_struck: Please share access if still open.
Amazing work! Kuddos sir!