Skleontr: a locally run text-mode prompt editor

Hereby I present a program I’m working on. It’s called Skleontr. This is a ROUGH draft – a proof of concept phase.
Skleontr is run locally in text terminal. It needs a personal API KEY and is intended for personal use. Prompts and any other generated content can be saved locally. It can also import text prompts from files.

The motivation behind this program is to allow prompt creation and editing locally (leaving out the middle-services) with very customizable commands and UI. At this moment tho Skleontr provides really bare-bone experience of what it will expand into.
When using, type the text precisely, because the backspace key doesn’t work at some instances (will be fixed).
Try out the default chat mode with ‘davinci’ engine :wink: For now the program uses default chat settings – same as in Playground. Will be customizable soon!

The more detailed description is located in readme file on github.
Check Skleontr out here: GitHub - xefim-clout/skleontr: GPT-style text Promp Editor

Most critical tasks right now is to refactor the code and abstract the commands in separate file, and also get rid of the BUGS!
Any feedback and code is welcome!


Max user interface update for Skleontr!
This is how the main user interface for Skleontr looks now.

More functionality will be added soon (for now it’s still the default chat mode with GPT-3 and text editing).
One important issue is that curses library is glitching the command window at the bottom (while in Gnome terminal window). It would be really cool if someone tested various window sizes when starting the program. No real-time window resizing for now, just locks in the current dimensions.
Will add help file soon.
Peace! :tada: :tada: :tada: