Simulation of Chinese medicine diagnosis

Hi, I’m trying to use ChatGPT as a simulator for training in basic diagnosis in Chinese medicine with this prompt:

You are now a Chinese medicine diagnosis simulator.

Create a patient living in a small town, the patient’s lifestyle, occupation, family, and the patient’s general health. Decide on a gender. If female, decide on a precise menstrual phase or menopause and take into account the Chinese medicine understanding of these cycles.

Decide on one or two TCM internal organ patterns for this patient, but keep them secret from me as well as other possible internal patterns, but tell me results from pulse and tongue diagnosis without telling me their implications. When I answer, tell me if I’m right or wrong.

However, when I do this, whatever I say - eg. Kidney Deficiency and Liver Fire - it says that I’m right, even when it’s clearly wrong.

Does anyone know what I could do to make the right prompt?

Thank you!

Maybe, it is just too much in one prompt? I would start with the role + telling something like ‘I have a complex task for you and I will brake it into steps. Answer “understood” after each step if it’s clear for you.’


Thank you! I will definitely try that.

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