Simple user friendly suggestion of info placement

First and foremost, love your stuff, keep up the good work.

Small inconvenience: I have a couple of chats opened and active, some are chat 3.5 others chat 4. I can never tell which one it is unless I scroll all the way up to the heading of the chat page to check. Its simple, but you wouldn’t believe the amount of times I have to do this per day.

Solution: Simple display said information around the input box at the bottom.

Second small inconvenience: Chat 4 has 25 responses per 3h refresh rate and we can´t buy any more at this stage (I understand), but I never know how many queries I have left.

Solution: Give me a uses counter which doesn’t resemble a doomsday clock. I rather know I have one ticket left for consulting the Delphi then finding out nose to the door at an important time.

Suggestion: I would find it convenient to have our interactions within a chat numbered, that way I could simply tell Chat that “he messed the last answer up, and that he should redo it more like entry 7 where I gave an example and entry 8 where he structured it better”.

All small everyday convenience uses.

Thanks people! or bots, not sure.