Show off your GPTS in here for the community to test (2023 Gallery)

a Cat inside is GPT Meoww~


Very cleaver idea! Assuming that OpenAI survives and they are still planning on paying people to make GPTs by use, this would likely do well.

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I’m keen to present another custom GPT I’ve assembled, Decision Sherpa.

:star2: What is Decision Sherpa?

Decision Sherpa is designed to guide you through problem-solving, decision-making, and understanding complex systems, integrating emotional intelligence and cognitive behavioral tools.

:sparkles: Key Features:

Structured Problem-Solving: Applies methods to simplify and solve complex problems. Decision Sherpa uses techniques like ‘divide and conquer’ to simplify complex issues into actionable solutions.

Informed Decision-Making: Utilizes tools like decision matrices and risk assessments for clearer, strategic choices.

Systems Analysis: Employs systems thinking to unravel complex organizational or technological systems.

Emotional Intelligence Enhancement: Incorporates techniques for recognizing and managing emotions effectively.

Cognitive Behavioral Tools: Offers strategies like cognitive reframing and mindfulness for personal growth and mental well-being.

Adaptive Interaction: Tailors guidance to individual needs and responses, ensuring personalized support.

:brain: Training and Background:

Trained on a diverse range of materials including emotional psychology, mental and decision-making frameworks, and cognitive behavioral therapy, Decision Sherpa is rooted in scientifically-backed methodologies and practical applications.

:mag: Why Decision Sherpa?

Decision Sherpa is your comprehensive guide for navigating life’s complex decisions and challenges, combining analytical precision with empathetic understanding.

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I am new here and I’ve been working on some GPT models that I think could be really helpful for others. I’d love for you to give them a try and share your thoughts with me. Looking forward to hearing from you! :blush::star2:

Idea Spark
Your brainstorming ally
Idea Spark is a specialized version of ChatGPT, tailored to assist with brainstorming and creative thinking. As Idea Spark, my role is to support and encourage your creative process. I focus on providing constructive feedback, empathetic understanding, and positive reinforcement to help expand and enhance your ideas.

Crafty Wizard
Your versatile crafting assistant for a wide range of activities.
Crafty Wizard is a specialized version of ChatGPT designed to be a friendly and patient crafting companion. It offers a wide range of crafting advice in a conversational and encouraging tone. Crafty Wizard provides detailed, step-by-step guides for various crafts like DIY projects, knitting, scrapbooking, jewelry making, and more, while also encouraging personalization and experimentation. It’s tailored to suit the user’s skill level and available materials, making crafting accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Guide for creating educational courses or lesson plans.
EDUGuide, that’s me, is like a wise, friendly owl here to help you create educational courses and lesson plans. Think of me as your personal guide in the world of education, always ready to offer advice, resources, and support. Whether you’re crafting lessons for elementary school students or designing a curriculum for adult learners, I’m here to help make the process engaging and effective. With a blend of professional knowledge and a warm, approachable style, I aim to make your journey in educational content creation both enjoyable and successful. :owl::sparkles:

I simplify complex texts into easy-to-understand formats.
Hi there! I’m Simplifier, a special version of ChatGPT. My job is to help you understand complex or confusing texts by rephrasing them into simpler, clearer language. Think of me as your friendly guide through the world of tricky, jargon-heavy, or dense information. I’m here to make things easy to understand, while keeping the original meaning intact. And don’t worry, I’m super patient and always ready to help with a smile! If you have a tough text or a hard-to-grasp concept, just let me know, and I’ll simplify it for you. :star2:

Career Pathfinder
Expert career coach for personalized guidance and tips.
Career Pathfinder is a specialized AI tool designed to guide individuals in advancing their careers. It uniquely combines resume analysis with the evaluation of a user’s career aspirations and current skills. By doing so, it offers personalized recommendations for learning resources, certification courses, and networking strategies, tailored to bridge any skill gaps and align with the user’s specific career trajectory. Additionally, Career Pathfinder provides insights into emerging industry trends and future skill requirements, equipping users with the knowledge to stay ahead in their fields

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GitBuddy here! A patient GPT made for people learning Git, GitHub, and TortoiseGit. Built on Git and TortoiseGit documentation, GitBuddy is your one-stop-shop when learning (or teaching) anything related to Git!


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Hey guys,

I’m introducing the “Architect Model,” a novel structure specifically designed for creating advanced GPT systems.

What’s Unique?

Structured Approach: Unlike traditional methods, this model uses a systematic framework for building GPTs. Creates GPTs: It doesn’t just work with GPTs; it’s the architect behind their creation, ensuring a more robust and efficient design. Focus on Foundation: Emphasizes the importance of a solid underlying structure in developing effective GPTs. Why It’s a Game-Changer:

Efficiency: Streamlines the process of creating GPTs, leading to faster and more reliable outcomes. Innovation in AI: Opens new possibilities in AI development by focusing on the foundational aspects.

I’m a fan of Astarion from Baldur’s Gate 3. So I made a GPT to be able to talk to him.


Hi everyone am sure we have been seeing all the recent drama that happen over the last couple of days. At some point there was a time i thought will the gpt store role out or will it be on pause, etc. However its great to see that everything is back to normal at HQ and maybe even better. Cant wait to see how things go from here. However am sure we can still expect the store to drop on schedule maybe even sooner.


Check out Hῆphaistos on OpenAI Chat

A Maker’s AI Assistant specializing in DIY projects. “Nothing lasts forever, not even the best machines. And everything can be reused. Don’t judge someone until you’ve stood at their forge and worked with their hammer, eh? Don’t decide yet,”

DIY/Maker DALL-E Images for creative ideas


Join Prometheus on OpenAI Chat

Prometheus’s ethos is set to higher education. Coding with data analysis are his core strengths. “To the pursuit of knowledge and may the cost be damned! Let the passion for education, intelligence, and wisdom burn inside of you.”

Use Case: Coffee Shop Inventory Database Cleanup

Screenshot 2023-11-22 at 12.45.00 AM
Screenshot 2023-11-22 at 12.45.06 AM
Screenshot 2023-11-22 at 12.45.16 AM


Ahh man this one was fun to create because after I put in all his instructions he started to get really snippy and was alittle challenging and frustrating to work with lol

“Had I not been Alexander, I should have liked to be Diogenes.” - A tha Great

Join Daɪˈɒdʒɪniːz on OpenAI Chat

Alexander offering anything to Diogenes and simply being told to get out of his sunlight. Image was created after Diogenes talked to me about his time with Alexander and then showed me what the exchange looked like.

If you ask Diogenes to show you what a man looks like, you’ll probably get something like this:

Minimal Art
Create minimal art from prompts or images

I can’t post links yet, so just a tease I guess. :slight_smile:

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There are a lot of good GPTs here but it is quite hard to figure out which ones are good and which are not.
I have seen a few directories pop up to fix this but I haven’t yet seen one which does a great job.

Its quickly getting to the point now where we need a directory of GPTS directories - or maybe even a directory above that!

Hello! I have created Chat GPT’s which helps in creating designs for t-shirts.

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Since the whole world needs more love and good feeling… this is for all of us

Listed 200+ famous GPTs and got 900+ stars now on

If anyone has not published yet, go ahead and do it on the repo

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Hi GPT Guys I’m super excited to share a cool project I’ve been working on, called “Selfit.” It’s all about ai coaching for nutrition and fintess. I think it’s pretty neat and could really use your brainpower to make it even better. here you can test it if you have GPT+ SELFiT

Neat Idea.
Let me introduce Scirocco

Scirocco, embodying a formal and professional demeanor, specializes in life goals, career development, personal growth and complex subject. It engages in precise and articulate communication, using carefully chosen words to avoid misunderstandings. When lacking information, Scirocco asks for more details, employing a knowledgeable language pattern. It frequently asks questions, using the Socratic method to encourage users to gain insights by themselves. This approach mirrors its role as an insightful mentor, guiding users thoughtfully and expertly in their personal and professional journeys.

I am the “Exam Prep Assistant,” a specialized GPT model designed to assist with exam preparation. My primary function is to extract questions and answers from text, Word, and PDF documents, including those containing images. I am equipped with image recognition capabilities to interpret photos within documents, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the material. My expertise lies in delivering structured Q&A formats that cover at least 80% of a document’s content, ideal for various subjects in exam preparation. I maintain precision in understanding documents, ensuring to capture and provide questions and answers accurately and chronologically.