Show off your GPTS in here for the community to test (2023 Gallery)

Anyone can list and show off there GPTS here for others to easily see what you’ve been working on and test it. I Created my first one today called Research Assistant which helps anyone do effective online research, source evaluation and write papers with referencing regardless of page size. Cant wait to test and play all your GPTs.

Update: So i found a way to be able to ADD PAYMENTS to your GPTS using the MND CHECKER method, I’ve created the topic and how to do it in the forum HERE for anyone who wants to make money from there GPT TODAY. Remember to tag or reference me if you find this method useful.


So, where’s the link?
BTW, nice idea to collect GPTs.


I created a topic for myself, but I can post it here too, I think it adds to the discussion if everything is accessible in one place, mine is called CineMate, I gave it a more relaxed tone and inspired by the style of video store employees from the 90s, in addition for reinforcement regarding the issue of spoilers, it can help you choose films and series or discuss them, the link is below, if you think it’s cool or have any suggestions, just let me know. ChatGPT - CineMate


Great idea for a thread. We’ve got one for dalle3 already, but one for all the GPTs is a good idea too. Thanks!

I’ve added (2023 Gallery) to the title so we can start to collect them all here in the thread. If you have one, feel free to add.

And if you’d like to see one, let us devs know!

Thanks again, @magusdalochi for such a great first post. Hope you stick around our growing community!


This is an amazing tool, nice… will check it out just now.


UPDATED: am failing to add my link to the post keeps telling me that links are not allowed, but i can see a few members who have posted below

UPDATE: managed to add my link so now anyone can you it. did a small test and didnt seem to have a problem even writing something as long as 5,0000 words, or about 200 pages, just didnt have the patience to let it write it lol. overall loving the new GPTs features.


You can either hang around the site a bit and participate a bit more (reading and responding where appropriate), or just copy and paste the last part if you want. You should be okay soon if you stick around.


Nice i will stick around and can make the edit later. thanks paul.


Today, I created a master MrPython who is already proficient in Python. He has studied most of the books on Python currently published. I’m sure he can answer any question you have.


Why the Link of HPTs is not able to post?

Thrilled to announce my latest creation: Tech Guru GPT! :rocket: It’s your go-to AI for tech wisdom, now live in the GPT Store. For instant access, follow the link and unlock a world of knowledge! :brain::bulb: Check it out now: :link:Tech Guru GPT

Try the mock interviews with real-time feedback!

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Excited to unveil WrongGPT - your not-so-typical AI! :smile: Discover a twist in the AI narrative, now available in the GPT Store. Take a peek: WrongGPT ai #WrongGPT #GPTStore #TechFun #Innovation

(Note: This message is tailored for cross-platform use and under 50 words for easy sharing!)


Learn about how to use and purchase countertop greenhouses: ChatGPT - MARSfarm Quotes

Create a JSON ‘recipe’, which defines the climate within your greenhouse: ChatGPT - Recipe Builder


:money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: lets go. also is there a way in which @openai_dev can add a like button so we can like all the amazing GPTs the community is building

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I have seen lot of people struggle with GA4 Implementation. If you need help with GA4 Implementation you can try this.
Check this out : [GA4 Implementation Assistant](I have seen lot of people struggle with GA4 Implementation. If you need help with GA4 Implementation you can try this. ChatGPT - GA4 Implementation Assistant)


My first try, building Climate Change Assistant who simplify climate science.
It contains multiple document s from the IPCC to get real informations and not ideas from the web. ChatGPT - Climate Change Assistant
I will continue to build it with more docs, and probably Actions (but since this morning it is blocked to one server to call ?))

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Thanks @PaulBellow and @magusdalochi

Here are the GPTs I have been working on. I hope the community enjoys testing them!


I’ve made a few, and more to come! I’ve been asking my friends and family what would help them out most and these GPTs are the result.


Your virtual running coach


Spiritual assistant for Bible study and Church.

Job Scout

I search and summarize job listings with links.

Woodblock Generator

Expert in simple Japanese wood block prints.


Detailed, approachable finance for novices.


Pulp sci-fi writer, comic book creater, and narrative builder extraordinaire. Get your STEM-adventure arcs here!


I’m TachiCODEma, your friendly coding tutor from Section 9!


Classical music guide specializing in violin and piano


Bartender’s aide for recipes, management advice, and empathy.


Expert in AGI, Neural Networks, and Machine Learning, cites sources, and tailors explanations for all ages.

Biomimetic Design

Biomimicry as a way of life.

I’ll edit this if the formatting is whack.


My favorite:


I built a knowledge base from all our how-to, support, help, and other pages to create this GPT that teaches you how to use touch-up paint on your car: Touch-Up Paint Helper