Should I use multiple api keys for high traffic website?

What to do in a high traffic website that uses openai api? Would using mutiple api keys solve the bottleneck problem if for example more than 1000 people making requests to api?

It would be so great to get an answer for this problem.

API keys are all pathways back to the same account organization, and don’t serve a purpose other than authorization.

Do you have a bottleneck problem?

The other question is if you should use multiple accounts associated to different login identities to make requests. And that is, while it is good to have a backup plan in case there are any account complications, it is also good to be seen as a bigger player and concentrate your advancing usage and success on one account.

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No. I dont have a problem right now. I am building a website right now and want to integrate api to the website and there was some questions on my mind but thanks to you things are clear now. Thank you for both of your answers.


Would it be OK for a moderator close this topic?

Yes you can close it. I get my answer thanks to _i