Sharing Text and Images Directly into ChatGPT Android App

Hey OpenAI Team!

I’m really into the ChatGPT app on Android – it’s been super helpful for me. But, I’ve got an idea that could make it even cooler. How about letting us share stuff directly into the app? I’m talking about both text and images from other apps.

Think about it – you’re reading something cool or see an awesome image and want ChatGPT’s take on it. Instead of the whole copy-paste drill or saving and uploading images, just hit ‘share’ and boom, it’s right there in ChatGPT. Since GPT-4 can understand images too, this would be a game-changer!

This feature would make things way easier and more fun, especially when we’re bouncing around different apps and find something we want to dig into with ChatGPT.

Would love to see this in the next update. Keep up the awesome work!