Sharing My GPTs - Total Noob Needs Guidance! 😅

Hey, everyone! I’m a complete noob in this forum still :joy:. I’ve been having a blast with GPTs since the day they became available. In fact, I’ve created quite a few for my closest friends and family, and they absolutely love them! It’s been a game-changer for us.

Now, I’m thinking would be great to share some of these with the wider community and lost through the topics of the forums, anyway here’s where my noob-ness kicks in. I’m not quite sure how to do it. I’m planning to update some of these GPTs with extended features eventually with APIs and so on, but I could use some help in figuring out the process maybe I could even team up with anyone or learn alone about APIs.

So, if any of you cyberspace people could point me in the right direction or share some guides on how to share my GPTs with the community, I’d be incredibly grateful! :joy::heart:

Just one last thing: These GPTs were tailored to the unique needs of my friends, and they’re using and having fun with them. :smile: