Sharing my bot to organization

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Yeah, as you note, it’s not the best idea to allow everyone to use your login. It’s probably a good way to get banned. Additionally, your account is limited to 40 messages/3 hours. With multiple users, I imagine that the thing will be unuseable.

Probably the best way to make a custom gpt available publicly to non-chatgpt+ subscribers, is to use the API platform to create an assistant instead: - they were created for this particular scenario. It would require you to set up your own access controls and user interface, however. You can get started playing with assistants here:

While there are ways to fortify your bot, it’s always going to be an arms race. There are several threads about safeguarding against instruction set leaks, such as here: Basic safeguard against instruction set leaks - the effort to restrict prompts is pretty much the same. You can use the moderations endpoint if you use assistants to catch egregious prompts - you could use embeddings to maybe catch off-topic prompts - there are a lot of options, but none of them are easy or foolproof.