Several plugins that would be interesting

Tried to join the waitlist to get the Code Interpreter. There was a field to describe Plugins you wished.

I wrote a response but couldn´t join, because the waiting list was for the normal plugins (not code interpreter) and only for developers.

So I felt I might as well post the answer here

  • A data analysis plugin, that could read an Excel file and find relations and create graphs based on what you ask of it.

  • A BPMN (Business Process Management Notation) plugin, to draw Business Processes on the BPM Notation based on text input, and suggest improvements, tell about bottlenecks, etc., as well as output the BPMN diagram as a BPMN file.

  • A Plugin for ChatGPT to interact with some tool like UiPath or PowerAutomate, either to suggest or create diagrams or to be accesses by RPA tools in order to provide answers (that can be used as inputs by the RPA), etc.