SettleMate: A GPT3.5 based analyst that helps to decode football statistics for regular fans

Hey folks! I’ve been building a small side project to satisfy my itch to build a product and quickly analyze players (since I’m the only one who used to look up player stats and give a review about them). I thought of automating that whole process via GPT3.5. Surprisingly, GPT3.5 as a analyst works really well with some prompt juju.

Here’s the application: SettleMate : Settle your Pub debates
Here’s a short walkthrough (excuse my voice, had a bad cold recently :sweat_smile: ): SettleMate -> — Tella

About the tech-stack:

  • LLM model: OpenAI’s GPT3.5 Turbo
  • Frontend+Backend: Elixir’s Phoenix LiveView + Alpinejs, Autocomplete powered by Meilisearch, Postgres
  • Deployed on fly(dot)io

Would love to hear your thoughts? On the design, UX or any bugs you find :pray: