Set password after creating an account with Google

Can’t believe it’s still not fixed. I want to be able to log in using email + password combination!

It’s unbelievable this hasn’t been fixed. :roll_eyes:

I am also having this problem Have someone found the solution?

Come on open ai, most of the today’s softwares are already having a feature which offers merging 2 auth providers. This is disappointing, do you really want us to login with Google on other non-personel machines?

I’m also shocked that this issue still hasn’t been addressed.

At the very lest, there needs to be a path to being able to unlink an existing account from an OIDC provider and change to password login, even if that means removing all chat history.

My vote for getting this fixed. I would like to convert my OpenID account to username/password without cancelling the subscription. Pretty please, OpenAI.

This is insane.
I would like to pay for a new account but i have to join the waitlist!!!
Fix this easy problem please.

Same problem here

how is possible to pay for a product and get this service?

If you don’t know how to do it, ask chatGPT

Same issue there too. Would love a fix. Can’t seem to use my account in some of VSCode’s extensions as they require user+password (and I’ve registered with my google account!..)

Same issue here. When will this get fixed.

The name of the connection is of course custom, but one of the Auth0 documentation files had an example with something that worked. It says it sends a reset-password e-mail, but it doesn’t actually do anything.<your_email_here>&connection=Username-Password-Authentication

Probably even better to do a POST request, like described in the Auth0 documentation. But still it does absolutely nothing.

curl -iX POST '' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d'{

I have the same issue, please fix this problem.

Having the same issue(
There should be a way to change an email as well

same here! Of course should be a way to change an email as well

Same issue, hope they will resolve it soon :frowning:

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I wanted to pay for ChatGPT but I am unable to use while at the office and at home. Having two different networks requires password authentication not linking my google account.

Maybe the solution is going with Google Gemini API if OpenAI doesn’t solve their access management issues.

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Same, I don’t understand how openAI has this issue!

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This is ridiculous! It’s SUCH A SIMPLE FIX :confused:

Throwing my hat in, I would like this ability as well

I have the same issue, I would love to change the email too.