Set context for fine tunning

I know we can fine-tune the model for a chat by:

A. Setting up a “voice” with empty prompts with a response with a text that represents how we want the chatbot to sound.
B. We can also set context for each promp.

But what I’m missing is setting up a general context, letting the AI know a bit about their’s story and characteristics.
I know how to set this up from the prompt, but not clear on how to do this for fine-tuning.

Thanks in advance!

For finetuning a chatbot with context, I would approach it by including a section at the top labeled something like BACKGROUND INFO. You can see something similar to this in my chatbot training videos. Very interesting problem, I’ll be thinking about how to achieve this. I’ll post a link to my video in a second

Update: this one will have the closest help Finetuning GPT-3 to be a master tutor that can handle any topic and hostile students - YouTube


Hello Dave,

I tried to access this video and youtube says it’s Private. What can I do?