trackers for specific Playground Presets

I’ve noticed this happening from time to time but I don’t see anybody mentioning this yet on the forum. Essentially, if you’re playing around with a preset for too long in the Platform Playground your browser will start making requests to ingest sentry io but only for that specific Preset (every time you make a new prompt).

I don’t know for what purposes are these requests being sent out for in these specific circumstances, but the uBlock Origin extension is clearly not happy about them. On top of that, when these requests are being blocked, the whole platform openai website just becomes a black void as seen on the left in my screenshot.

I’m not going to stop blocking them as I trust uBlock Origin. I’ve noticed 2 ways of overcoming this. First, just open a private browsing window and use the playground from it. Second, clear your cookies as there seems to be something in there that makes this happen.

I’d love to hear the reasoning from OpenAI behind this behaviour :slight_smile:

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You will most likely not be getting an explanation from OpenAI, as Sentry is a monitoring tool designed to help find bugs in their code.

There are no ads on any of OpenAI’s pages, so I suggest that you just whitelist the domain within uBlock Origin to solve the problem :laughing:

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Yeah, my last sentence is me half-joking :stuck_out_tongue:

This post is more of an awareness one, also might help someone if their Playground just starts going black for seemingly no reason.

Though it is rather peculiar behaviour. Why only send sentry io requests on active and old presets? :thinking:

Also, I guess I should look into why uBlock doesn’t like sentry io. It’s supposed to be a performance, crash reporting tool.

Many might consider a tool that can do screen and action replays of a user’s browser session with a quality like it was watching a video through a backdoor to be somewhat intrusive. Thus tools can block this domain, despite whatever justification a web designer thinks they can put forth.

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