Sensitivity of the swipe gesture to open the sidebar in the ChatGPT Android app is too high

In the ChatGPT Android app, the right swipe gesture is used to open the sidebar (the thread list). However, the sensitivity of this gesture is too high, causing the sidebar to appear unintentionally while scrolling through text. This issue is disruptive to the user experience because the sidebar appears unexpectedly, displaying the thread list and causing confusion. In addition, if this gesture is activated while entering a prompt, the user may not know how to return to the previous state, potentially resulting in the inadvertent loss of the prompt.

As a potential improvement, the sensitivity of the swipe gesture to open the sidebar could be reduced. Alternatively, the sidebar could be made accessible only by tapping the icon in the upper left corner that represents the thread list. At the very least, disabling the right-swipe gesture during prompt entry would be a reasonable suggestion, as it is unlikely that users will need to access the sidebar while typing a prompt.

In any case, improving the application to prevent accidental sidebar activations and scrolling interruptions would improve the user experience.