Sending configuration backend for customgpt

Hi all,
I built a customgpt for a client and want to send him the customisation backend so he can continue tweaking it.

How do I do that without physically building him a customgpt on his account? is there a way to send him editing options, not just the link to the gpt itself?


Welcome @felicity1

AFAIK, currently GPTs can only be edited by the owner of the Plus account that published the GPT.

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Thanks for the reply!

Any idea of how I would get it to him? Coach him through adding it to the backend himself?

Once a GPT is created, the instructions that it uses are stored on a configuration page. So it’s just those instructions along with the retrieval files (if any) and actions (if any) that need to be replicated on their side on the GPT configuration page.

There are multiple ways, depending on what works for you and them.

You could physically set it up using their machine or do a remote desktop session, with their account logged in on their device.

Alternatively a sort of guide/tutorial can be sent by you to them so they could follow it step by step and do it themselves.