Self Learning Companion called "This or That"

This app, called “This or That”, functions as a self-learning companion that gradually acquires knowledge about the user’s preferences, habits, and personal issues. It achieves this by posing 2-3 questions every few days and using the answers to create a personalized knowledge-base.

For example, if the user asks for advice on what dress to wear to a friend’s dinner, “This or That” might inquire about the user’s dress options. If the user does not have any in mind, the app would suggest options based on its knowledge-base of past inputs.

If the user asks whether they should buy a Porsche, the app would recognize that the user may be making a hasty decision based on previous emotional inputs and suggest waiting.

Over time, “This or That” becomes a trusted companion that provides the user with the best possible advice based on its accumulated knowledge.

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