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What is the status of Starship Super Heavy?

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As of early 2023, SpaceX’s Starship Super Heavy is still in the testing and development phase. The Starship Super Heavy is a reusable launch vehicle that is being designed to be the world’s most powerful launch vehicle, capable of carrying up to 100 metric tons of cargo or passengers to orbit and beyond.

In recent years, SpaceX has been conducting a series of test flights and prototype iterations of the Starship Super Heavy, with varying degrees of success. The most recent test flight was conducted in January 2022, when a Starship prototype named SN20 successfully launched to an altitude of approximately 30 kilometers and then returned to Earth for a vertical landing.

However, there have been some setbacks and challenges in the development of the Starship Super Heavy, including several test failures and technical issues that need to be addressed. Despite these challenges, SpaceX remains committed to the development of the Starship Super Heavy and aims to use it for a wide range of missions, including commercial satellite launches, crewed missions to the International Space Station, and exploration of the Moon and Mars.