Seeking methods to compare changes in regulatory texts using ChatGPT

Hello, I recently found out that Regulatory Law X has been updated to Regulatory Law X2. My aim is to understand what has changed between these two versions. However, these regulations are not in my native language, making it difficult to use differential search tools or the like.

Therefore, I am considering inputting the full text into ChatGPT and trying to understand the changes from the results. Since this involves handling a large amount of text, I am looking for an efficient method.

1.	What is the best way to input large amounts of text into ChatGPT at once?
2.	Specifically, how can I compare two different regulatory texts using ChatGPT?
3.	What are the best practices known for this method, and what points should be avoided?

Any suggestions or advice are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I hope this message will help you get useful feedback from the community members.

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