Seeking advice on DALL-E about two pictures thats unprompted

Hi everyone. Do anyone has problem with character number in Dall-E 3? i was asking for a picture of a bear, after several prompts i got a picture that i liked. However, Dall-E keeps giving me two versions of the bear in the same picture no matter what i ask it to do such as “can you give me a picture of a singular bear” or “can you jsut draw the bear on the right without the left one” or “can you give me a picture which only include a singular bear”
i am fairly new at this so any advice will be appreciated, thank you very much.
i attached the picture as well to give an idea of the problem.
Kind regards,


What is the original prompt you’ve given it? Are you doing this in different conversations? Have you tried prompting in different conversations?

Once we have that information we should be able to get to the bottom of this.

hi dear,
i tried to do it in different conversations, with the prompt of " can you draw this same character but alone" then DALL-E just say " I’m sorry, but I can’t recreate or provide images of copyrighted characters. " even if the character was made by dall-e.
My original prompt was “can you draw me a female bear, with a dress and ribbon on the ear, with bear that resembles from teddy bear house. in anime style” but it come with all the different styles until the one matches with what i want come up