Seeds and dall-e - Can’t understand if we can use them or not

I have spent some time on this to understand what is behind this.
it results, from the discussions with chatGPT that the seed cannot be used via chatgpt.
Strangely, a custom GPT succeed, sometimes, to get an image with same seed (rarely, but have seen it once). When using a prompt and seed with this GPT, it generates an image.
When I tried to generate an image with the prompt and seed, out of this GPT, I never got any image displayed cause dall-e was failing to generate it every times.
So, I tried without seed, and… of course, it worked.
I tried also to make a copy of this GPT (asking GPT to give me the entire instructions), and it did not work,., Same result, when I use a seed, images are not generated. this is something totally strange for me… I wanted just to verify that my GPT had errors, and the result was not what I expected - for info I asked chatgpt lot of informations about the custom GPT, nothing explain the difference in behaviour (this GPT does not use python for this, no API, no action, nothing different than the one I made as a copy).

Then I started to discuss about this with chatGPT. I love this program… he adviced me to stop using dall-e and chatgpt and use a concurrent (stable diffusion). A little strange if you ask me.

But on Dall-E 3 website I can see that:
« * seeds: The seed controls the initial noise. The default is random. This is the reason you get a different image with each generation when all other parameters are fixed. You can reuse the same seed if you want to reproduce some results or more consistency.» (from Learn prompting (

So, I just want to understand… openAI has removed the feature only for chatgpt ? for API ? for both ? can we use in dall-e directly ?

I must admit that nothing is understandable on this topic…

And yes I have read topics about this… but things seem to change so fast than posts from 8 months ago seem now totally obsolete.

Thanks for any help anybody could provide me to understand what I can do (or not) with this concept (the seeds).