Screen Freezes When Trying to Use Voice Feature on iPhone 12 Mini

I recently subscribed to the premium account of OpenAI to use the voice feature of GPT-4 on the ChatGPT app with my iPhone. When I tap the headphone icon, however, the screen turns black as if it’s stuck on loading something, and this state persists. I’ve attempted several troubleshooting steps, including restarting my iPhone, reinstalling the app, clearing space, and switching WiFi networks, but the issue remains unresolved. Interestingly, the voice feature works fine on my iPad, suggesting the problem may be specific to my iPhone 12 Mini. I haven’t experienced similar issues with other apps on this phone.

any suggestions?


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I’ve been having the same issue for roughly one week. I’ve tried logging into a different account, restarting my device, reinstalling the app, and resetting my iPhone’s app permissions settings. I’m using a 13 Pro Max. Were you able to find a solution?