- The Ideal Workspace for ADHDer. Chat with GPT-4, multiple AIs, and Internet Browsing in the same conversation

Hey everyone!

I wanted to share with you all a new AI Note-taking app that we recently built which uses ChatGPT

The app, called, enables you to note quickly, recall easily, and develop new insights without context switching.

You can interact with various AIs (personal AI, GPT-4, Gemini Pro, Claude3, internet browsing) within the same chat.

After talking with early users, I found that is most beneficial for entrepreneurs, founders, indie hackers, and project managers because it’s easy to use and get values.

They don’t need any plugins, templates, coding or spending hours to learn a new tool.
All they need to do is open the app and start using it.

It allows users to research, brainstorm, create more seamlessly by enabling them to:

  • Capture information without juggling tab via Chrome extension
  • Search with natural language and citation
  • Recall relevant knowledge they forgot by note suggestion
  • Find new ideas with internet search, multi AI models in 1 screen with your work context

It also have simple UI, with crafted features to reduce context switching & mental strain like

  • AI chat alongside note
  • Tag suggestion
  • Focus writing mode

My team and I are continuously working to enhance, and I appreciate any feedback, thoughts, or suggestions from you.

Thank you for reading, and I hope that you all have a great experience with :slight_smile


Can it chat with PDF? Can I upload all my notes from Obsidian and Notion?

Yes :slight_smile: It can
Would love to hear your thoughts and feedbacks here

Hello everyone,

I’m excited to share amazing news with you

We just shipped the most requested feature: the ability to add and use your Own API Keys of GPT, Claude, Gemini on the app :rocket:

Check out the guide on how to do it here

Would love to hear your feedback. Thank you!

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Hello everyone :wave:

I’m excited to share the latest updates and features in Saner.AI, many of which have been highly requested by you.


  • The default mode of Ally allows internet search in the app with better accuracy & detailed citations in a few seconds

Telegram Bot:

  • Capture on the go? Now you can save your link, image, or text with Telegram Bot.
  • You can also search for what you saved quickly via this bot
  • Try it out in Settings > Telegram.
  • Here’s the tutorial video [Link]

Editor Upgrade:

  • Now you can drag-and-drop your note content. The editor now also supports emoji, math, color highlight, a better table, image resizing and we also fixed some bugs you notified

Folder UX Upgrade

  • Now you can drag-and-drop your notes to folders and folders to folders !:slightly_smiling_face:

Customize sidebar

  • You can choose what section to include in the Sidebar based on your preference. Check it out in Settings > Preferences.

View notes by tags:

  • Now you can view your notes by tags in the sidebar! Enable it in Settings > Preferences > Tags.

Subscription Plan:

  • Monthly plan discount: We added a discount code up to 33% for early users on the monthly package :slight_smile:

Looking Ahead:

  • We’re excited to share that the upcoming official, reliable, and stable version is currently in development and set to launch later this month. You can follow the launch here

Your feedback has been invaluable, helping us shape the app and move closer to the vision of x10 human productivity and creativity!

Please continue to share your thoughts and let us know how we can make Saner.AI even better for you.