Roughly how many people have been given access to plugins so far?

Hey OpenAI team,
I wanted to know if you can provide a rough estimate of the number of people currently granted access to plugins. Because some of us have been on the list for a long time and itching to gain access.

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If I had to guess, I’d say at least 6. Realistically though they aren’t going to share any information regarding how many have gotten invited.

We just have to be patient. :slight_smile:


I know but it’s getting harder to remain patient. Especially when other are building and sharing their plugins

Yeah I feel that. Back in the day I had applied for GPT-3 API when it was invite-only, and got accepted. I also applied for GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 APIs and got accepted to both of those as well.

But I haven’t been invited to plugins yet. I’m not sure what the criteria is to get invited, if any. All we can do is be patient.

Hey folks, the number of people with access is really small right now. We have been intentionally rolling out slowly as we scale our systems and processes. Thanks for being patient and we can’t wait to get you access soon!


Thank you for the update. Here’s hoping more people get access soon.


Stephen Wolfram have been promoting the Wolfram plugin since 23rd March 2023 and I am keen to get started, but I still can’t get access. :frowning:

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