Room For Improvement - Much Needed ASAFP

It’s a love/hate relationship I have with OpenAI so far. High productivity potential, razors edge of tech some times you get cut kinda vibes, Leftist Activist in ML clothing and ways to work with it to make real magic happen. ChatGPT-4 has got me more bipolar than Ye, right now.

I’ll do my best to keep the bitchin’ to a minimum and only present my case for the suggested improvements for improved user experience and efficiency while using your models and chat.

If you’re going to place caps or throttle (any model or chat) a few things need to be clearly posted for the user’s benefit:

-How long the throttle is for (estimate of time or permanent)
-Counter for messages used out of limit, reset based on time used for throttle. Ex. in Chat GPT-4 it is currently listed as 25 messages every 3 hours
Let’s say I just used 4 messages. It should read clearly: 4/25 messages used, cap reset in: 2 hours 43 min.

Special request: Put the Count from Sesame St. on the message limit counter. He’s the best there is, and I know he can handle up to 25 (and less as you lower the cap next week).

I was using ChatGPT-4 the other day and it started telling me it couldn’t recognize images. Best guess (because I don’t know if hit limits/wasn’t notified) I hit my -4 limits and my use reverted back to 3.5 with no warning and I was in the middle of a project. I have no idea on when my limits would be lifted so I had to discontinue ALL work on that project until 4 hours after the absolute last message I sent, just to be sure.

You had me yelling like Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman, “I’m in the daaaahk here!” If ChatGPT-4 was an employee of mine, I’d have fired it for cause: no notice of vacation, no handoff to other employee (3.5), no notice of when it would be back to work.

I understand that AI is not an employee, as much as I understand that either way, what it is set to do while working with it in the middle of conversation no less, is extremely rude, unprofessional and unbecoming of an entity attempting to become AGI.

And as I leave you now, just know I’m yelling like Al Pacino in Heat “Gimme all you got!” and to ChatGPT-4 “Don’t waste my muthafuckin’ time!”.